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Super Food cum Super Power Medicine. 
Improves Mental & Physical Health.   
Proven Ability to Support overall System of Body.  
Beneficial for all Age groups from Infants to old age.    

Why Cow Colostrum?

Scientific research, conducted in the last decade in major medical research centers and universities, throughout the world, has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow’s colostrum are virtually identical to human. Research has also shown that only bovine colostrum is not species specific and can work in human and lower mammals.

Viral Illnesses

The GI component of the immune system produces about 75% of the antibodies in the human system, The ability of AIDS/HIV patients to fight infectious disease is severelv compromised, partially due to damage to the gut from chronic inflammation and diarrhea. Several recent studies report colostrum’s role in the reversal of this chronic problem, stemming from opportunistic infections like Candida albicans, cryptosporidia, rotavirus, herpes simplex, pathogenic strains of E.coli, and intestinal flu infections. Colostrum handles all gut pathogens well without side effects. Colostrum is composed of numerous factors with strong antiviral activity, especially the immuno-globulins, lactoferrin, and the cytokines.

Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

PRP from colostrum can work as a regulatory substance of the thymus gland.” It has been demonstrated to improve or eliminate symptomatology of both allergies and autoimmune diseases (MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, myasthenia gravis). PRP inhibits the overproduction of lymphocytes and T-cells and reduces the major symptoms of allergies and autoimmune disease; pain, swelling and inflammation


The 1985 Steven Rosenberg book, Quiet Strides in the War on Cancer, first popularized the benefits of cytokines in the treatment of cancer. Since that time, the same cytokines found in colostrum (interleukins 1, 6, 10, interferon G, and lymphokines) have been the single most researched protocols in scientific research for the cure for cancer. Colostrum lactalbumin has been found to be able to cause the selective death (apoptosis) of cancer cells, leaving the surrounding ¯noncancerous tissues unaffected. Lactoferrin has similarly been reported to possess anti-cancer activity.The mix of immune and growth factors in colostrum can inhibit the spread of cancer cells. If viruses are involved in either the initiation or the spread of cancer, colostrum could prove to be one of the best ways to prevent the disease in the first place.
Colostrum lactalbumin has been found to be able to cause the selective death(apoptosis) of cancer cells, leaving the surrounding non-cancerous tissues unaffected.'”


Juvenile diabetes (Type I, insulin dependent) is thought to result from an autoimmune mechanism. Colostrum contains several factors that can offset this and other allergies. Colostrum IgE-1 can bind to both the insulin and IgF-1 receptors found on all cells. Human trials in 1990 reported that IgF-1 stimulates glucose utilization, effectively treating acute hypoglycemia and lessening a Type II diabetic’s dependence on insulin.

Weight-loss Programs

The body requires IgF-1 to metabolize fat for energy through the Krebs cycle, With aging, less IgF-1 is produced in the body. Inadequate levels are associated with an increased incidence of Type II diabetes and difficulty in losing weight despite a proper nutritional intake and adequate exercise, Colostrum provides a good source of IgF-1 as a complementary therapy for successful weight loss.

Athletic Stress

Exhaustive workouts and athletic competition can temporarily depress the immune system, decreasing the number of I-lymphocytes and NK cells, Athletes are therefore more prone to developing infections, including chronic fatigue syndrome. Many of colostrum’s immune factors can help significantly reduce the number and severity of infections caused by both physical and emotional stress.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

One of the major benefits of colostrum supplementation is enhanced gut efficiency, due to the many immune enhancers that control clinical and subclinical GI infections. Colostral growth factors also play a role by keeping the intestinal mucosa sealed and impermeable to toxins. This is evidenced by colostrum’s ability to control chronic diarrhea caused by gut inflammation related to dysbiosis.
Healing leaky gut syndrome reduces toxic load and helps reverse many allergic and autoimmune conditions. For the healthy individual or athlete in training, colostrum supplementation enhances the efficiency of the intestine’s uptake of amino acid and carbohydrate fuel, More nutrients are made available for muscle cells and other vital tissues and organs. One of the reasons for the energy boost seen in most healthy individuals who use supplemental colostrum, is its ability to improve nutrient availability and correct subclinical leaky gut syndrome.

Wound Healing

Several colostrum components stimulate wound healing.” Nucleotides, EgF, TgF, and IgF-1 stimulate skin growth md cellular growth and repair by direct action on DNA and RVA. These growth factors facilitate the healing of tissues damaged by ulcers, trauma, burns, surgery, or inflammatory disease, Colostrum’s wound-healing properties specifically benefit the skin, muscle, cartilage, bone, and reserve cells. Powdered colostrum can be applied topically to gingivitis, sensitive teeth, aphthous ulcers, cuts, abrasions, and burns after they have been cleaned once disinfected.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Disorders As the number of senior citizens increases with improved health care and longer life expectancy, the effects of Alzheimer’s disease will continue to take a toll on our health system and our senior citizens. Colostrum contains components which have been shown to benefit those suffering from this debilitating condition of 15 Alzheimer’s patients receiving PRP in a clinical trial, 8 showed clinical improvement and the rest stabilized, whereas of those receiving selenium or a placebo, none showed improvement


Are antioxidants the fountain of youth? That question remains debatable, but it is known that oxidative stress and high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), by-products of normal metabolism which build up in the body, can cause widespread damage and increase the aging process. Colostrum contains antioxidants and the precursors to glutathione (the most powerful antioxidant known) which help clean up these pollutants from the body and reverse the damage they do to the body.

Oxidation by-products of metabolism cause extensive damage to DNA, proteins and lipids, which ultimately results in aging, cancer and other degenerative diseases.
Chronic oxidative stress can accelerate cell senescence in human endothelial cells.
Colostrum is rich in antioxidants, including glutathione, the most powerful Antioxidant known, and its precursors.
Colostrum reduces ferricytochrome C and suppresses myeloperoxidase and lysozyme activity in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN), activities which are important in the mediation of acute inflammation.
PRP turns down lipid peroxidation, reducing the amount of reactive oxygen Species (ROS) in cells.
Lactoferrin acts as an antioxidant in the gut.

Quality Control

The best quality colostrum is produced organically and is free of pesticides, herbicides, anabolic hormones like rBST, steroids, antibiotics, and other chemicals. Not all colostrum products in market are biologically active. This is because of improper processing through the use of high temperatures and pasteurization or the formation of colostrum into capsules. This method requires high pressure and generates heat, destroying biological activity. Colostrum in liquid form is also less than ideal. It is not as concentrated as the powdered versions of the product, must be kept refrigerated due to its short shelf life, and preservatives must be added that further dilute and destroy its biological capabilities.

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Cow Colostrum

Why Cow Colostrum?

Scientific research, conducted in the last decade in major medical research centers and universities, throughout the world, has shown that the molecular combinations of the immune and growth factors in cow’s colostrum are virtually identical to human. Research has also shown that only bovine colostrum is not species specific and can work in human and lower mammals.

What is the purpose of Colostrum in nature?

In newborn mammals, the primary function for colostrum is the transfer of passive immunity from the mother to the child. During her lifetime, the mother has been exposed to a variety of environmental factors and organisms to which her immune system has produced antibodies. In transfer of passive immunity, the mother passes on her complement of antibodies to these various factors to her offspring. Humans and primates differ from other mammals in the location and timing of immune transfer. A pregnant woman or female primate passively immunizes her young in utero when her antibodies cross the placental barrier. This transfer is only about half of what can ultimately be transferred. Further immunity and growth factors transfer during breastfeeding from her colostrum and milk. For all other mammals whose antibodies do not pass through the placental barrier, the young are passively immunized immediately after birth with colostrum. The maternal antibodies present in the colostrum are directly absorbed through the gut lining in the first few days after birth. What also separates humans and primates from other mammals is that without colostrum, non primate mammals will die within 24 hours. These mammals are born without any immune system, and as they pass through the birth canal, they are immediately exposed to pathogens. The physical trauma of birth causes bruising, inflammation and pain for the animal. Colostrum helps attenuate all of these insults. It stimulates bone and tissue growth so that offspring can quickly recover and survive their hostile environments, perhaps running or swimming to avoid predators within a couple of days.

Why is Colostrum Significant?

Colostrum is the first food that is available to the newborn. It is not only highly nutritious but also contains substances (immunoglobulins and immune factors) that help to stimulate and augment the newborn’s immune system, thus helping to protect the vulnerable newborn from its new and potentially harmful environment. Furthermore, it contains substances (growth factors and cytokines) which act to stimulate the development, maturation and proliferation of various tissues and organs. Human colostrum is not as powerful as other mammalian colostrum, and the amount of colostrum decreases over time. Human development is much slower than other species, so unlike a baby gazelle, for example, a human infant does not “hit the ground running” right after birth. This necessitates mothers breastfeed their babies for at least 2 years (and perhaps as long as 4 years) in order to provide optimal growth, development, and protection against disease-causing pathogens. The significance of colostrum is best illustrated in farm animals, such as the horse, cow, goat, sheep etc. In these animals passive transmission of immunity occurs after birth in the form of colostrum. If these animals do not receive colostrum in the first 12 – 24 hours following birth they have a very good chance of not surviving (mortality rates of up to 95% have been reported). Human babies won’t die without colostrum, but they’ll certainly have more developmental problems. Limited breastfeeding or substituting formula for breast milk increases the incidence of respiratory, ear and gastrointestinal infections, lower I.Q., allergies, autoimmune conditions including diabetes, autism, ADD, etc. Colostrum also has a significant role in the first few days of an infant’s life. Babies are born with holes in their stomachs and small intestines, a natural condition known as intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut”. This allows for the immunoglobulins to easily pass through into the bloodstream. Mom’s colostrum closes these holes after a couple days of breastfeeding. If babies are not continuously breastfed for the first 2 years, the holes re-open and Leaky Gut Syndrome develops. Even if babies receive adequate breastfeeding, specific lifestyle factors and medications can cause Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Leaky Gut Syndrome is a primary cause of autoimmune diseases including diabetes, autism, asthma, allergies and in infants an increase in stomach and digestive issues, sudden infant death and infections of all types, including ear infections.

How does Colostrum differ from plain milk?

Colostrum is not milk. It is a concentration of immune and growth factors, vitamins and minerals essential amino acids designed by nature to transfer immunity, heal and prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome, initiate and sustain growth and calm and eliminate pain associated with the birth process. It has a high concentration of immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, PRPs and all of the vital growth factors. These substances are also present in milk but at negligible levels. Furthermore, colostrum has a much higher protein, vitamin, mineral content, and is lower in lactose.

What are Anitibodies? Antibodies are very specialized molecules that are produced by the body’s immune system.They are produced in response to the host being exposed to an immunogenic or foreign substance (antigen) such as an infectious microbe. Their action is to destroy and prevent the colonization and/or neutralize disease-causing microbes. A very important feature of antibodies is that they are directed specifically to the pathogen that induced their formation.

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are very small bio-active molecules which promote growth and maturation of various cell types and tissues. They are found in very high concentrations in colostrum. They not only stimulate normal growth and development but help regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle, skin, bone, cartilage and nerve tissues. Growth factors also stimulate the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting or dieting. They help build lean muscle and have been shown to have a positive effect on athletic performance. In addition, transforming growth factors initiate and ensure bone health and density, and help destroy cancer cells in the body. Growth factors also ensure the growth and development of immune cells such as macrophages, NK (natural killer) cells and T cells to prevent infections of all types. It also provides the endothelial growth hormones that help maintain capillary growth and development to insure the distribution of healing and nutritional components all the way down to the cellular level and to maintain flexibility of our arterial walls to help maintain healthy blood pressure and flow to the extremities

Why do i need Colostrum as an adult?

Research has shown that once we pass puberty, our bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that help our bodies fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. With the loss of these vital components, we age and die. Colostrum is the only source of these life giving components …the actual immune factors and all of our body’s growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended (synthesized and isolated hormones throw the other hormones out of balance and have been shown to have significant side effects). Research has shown that colostrum has the demonstrated ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tissue repair (particularly the bowel lining), stimulate fat utilization for fuel and optimize cellular reproduction (anti-aging). No other substance on the planet can provide all of these marvelous benefits.

Why can’t i just get raw colostrum from the local dairy farmer?

You can, but there are limitations. First, it needs to be refrigerated and consumed before it spoils. Second, raw colostrum is not pasteurized and contains immune factors from just one cow. This differs from processed colostrum, which is pasteurized for safety and concentrated to provide a broad base of immune factors that have been pooled from hundreds and sometimes thousands of cows. There are very few producers of colostrum in the world that have the ability to accomplish this.

Should i take Colostrum in tablet or capsule form?

It takes tremendous pressure (which creates high temperatures) to form a tablet. When you apply this heat to Colostrum, you destroy the biological activity of colostrum’s immune and growth factors. Some manufacturers choose this route either because they lack knowledge about Colostrum or because it is so much cheaper. So only capsuled colostrum (IMMURICH) is recommended. The goal is to have colostrum reach the small intestine intact where it does its best work. It is very important to take colostrum capsules on an empty stomach with lots of water to aid its transit into the upper intestine. 

How safe is colostrum?

Colostrum is a food supplement & superpower medicine as well; and can be consumed by most people without any side effects. Colostrum has no known drug interactions. People with milk protein allergies should be cautious when using colostrum. In actuality, only about 1 in 1,000,000 people are truly allergic to the casein in milk. What people call “milk allergy” is the crossover of partially digested milk proteins into the bloodstream as a result of Leaky Gut Syndrome. There is no known toxicity level with colostrum.

How does Colostrum interact with other supplements or prescription medications?

Colostrum heals the bowel. Simply, this means you are better utilizing the nutrients from the food you eat as well as anything else you put in your body.

How much should i take and when?

The amount of colostrum you take varies from person to person. For healthy individuals who want to maintain a healthy immune system, for each 20 kg weight IMMURICH 1 capsule daily is recommended. For anyone who has compromised health situation, GI or digestive health issues, auto-immune conditions, inflammatory conditions, is recovering from an injury, wants to get rid of allergies, or detects a cold or flu coming on, 1 capsule IMMURICH for each 10 kg weight is recommended. For severe heath conditions 1 capsule IMMURICH for each 5 kg weight is recommended. Some people may experience a healing incident as the body releases toxins (digestive problems, skin eruptions, rashes). These symptoms usually disappear in a couple of days. It’s interesting that if you listen to your body, you become aware of where colostrum has gone in your body to do its work. Colostrum’s growth factors may create initial pain in areas of old wounds or injuries as it heals. If this becomes uncomfortable, you may want to cut back on the colostrum for a few days and then resume at a lower quantity, increasing your intake slowly as you reach optimum levels.

What if i’m pregnant or nursing

Colostrum definitely won’t hurt you, your fetus, or your infant, but as always with anything you take during pregnancy or while you are nursing, you should check with your health care professional first. Colostrum will help supplement your immune system which takes at hit during childbirth. It will help also you recover faster and help you lose those extra pounds associated with pregnancy quicker. Usually we recommend colostrum after 5th month of pregnancy.

Can i give my children colostrum?

Colostrum is strongly recommended for infants who are not being breastfed for at least 2 years. Colostrum can help growing children in many ways, from better concentration, increased memory to fewer illnesses such as autism, diabetes, and juvenile arthritis. Children have a tendency to catch colds and illness, so Colostrum will help immensely.

I can’t swallow the capsule. How can i take colostrum?

Colostrum works best if it is taken in capsule form, on an empty stomach with water. If you cannot swallow capsules, you may open the capsule and mix it with water or milk. Wait at least twenty minutes before you eat.

How can colostrum help me lose weight?

Colostrum contains IGF-1, the most powerful growth factor in our bodies. Medical research has shown that without adequate amounts of IGF-1, our bodies, during times of fast (diet), will burn muscle protein before they burn fat (catabolism). Colostrum contains the only natural source of IGF-1. Supplementing your exercise regime with colostrum can help to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so while you may not notice a change on the scale, you will see the difference in the way your clothes fit!

I need to gain weight, can colostrum help?

Within about two hours of eating, our body’s blood glucose levels are depleted and we utilize sources of stored fuel (fat and muscle protein) for energy. It is easier for our bodies to burn muscle tissue rather than fat. By increasing food intake along with exercise and colostrum, weight gain will come through increased muscle mass (muscle tissue weighs more than fat per volume). If you are an athlete, this can be very beneficial for performance.

How is colostrum Anti-Aging?

After puberty our body begins slowing down the production of our body’s Growth Hormones. These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our body cellular tissue. It has been shown that by age 80 we are producing virtually no growth hormone, and so we age and die. Colostrum’s growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that (normal) not aged, cancerous, wrinkled, or weakened. The New England Journal of Medicine (a few years back) stated that the most effective anti-aging process would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow , possibly stop and even reverse the aging processes. Does it work? Just try and take colostrum away from someone who’s used colostrum for a while and you’ll see.

Can Colostrum help with my depression?

Most of us are in search of a means to increase the brain’s feel-good chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. To accomplish this, we look to nicotine, drugs and certain (usually unhealthy and fattening) foods. We begin to rely on these substances to maintain that ‘feel-good’ sensation. Colostrum is a natural and healthy means of stimulating the brain to release serotonin and dopamine and prolong their re-uptake. Lactalbumin in colostrum has been clinically proven to improve mood during stress.

Does colostrum help with cuts, and burns? After surgery or accidents?

Colostrum’s immune factors are highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents to help reduce and eliminate infections in external injuries (cuts, burns, abrasions and surgical wounds). Colostrum also contains epithelial (skin) growth hormone that stimulates accelerated healing and powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate swelling and pain.Open the capsule and mix with sterile water or a saline solution to form a paste. This can be applied directly to the affected area. Bandage if needed. Reapply two to three times daily until healing is complete.

Does colostrum help with gingivitis?

Colostrum’s powerful antibacterial factors have been shown to help prevent and treat Gingivitis. Application is made by applying colostrum directly to the gum area just before retiring. Reapply nightly until better. Colostrum has also been shown to help control any pain before or after dental work.

How can i afford colostrum?

How can you NOT afford colostrum? The next time you visit your neighborhood drug store and pharmacy, become aware of how many products and drugs are on the market that only treat the symptoms. Colostrum can help heal the body at the cellular level and prevent the onset of certain conditions. Colostrum is one of the most potent natural antibiotics. Most high quality colostrum product like IMMURICH retail for about just Rupees 1300/-.We must remember that a cow gives birth only once a year. High quality colostrum is taken from only select hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free cows. It must then be processed without excessive heat to keep its components biologically active and encapsulated in a capsule that will dissolve in the small intestine – this processing is very expensive. With all the varying qualities of colostrum on the market, we have a perfect example of the expression – you get what you pay for.

I’m a vegetarian, i don’t eat animal foods

The Rishis (India’s spiritual leaders) vegan diet has included colostrum for thousands of years. Today, in India, the milkman delivers colostrum to the wealthy. It’s interesting that that the cow has been deified in India. Colostrum is not at all non- vegetable but is unique unto itself – Colostrum is the first food of life – it is the gift of new life!.

What if i am lactose intolerant?

Most people with lactose intolerance do not experience a problem with colostrum, as there is only a small amount of lactose present. If, however you have a severe milk protein allergy, you should consult your doctor prior to taking colostrum, due to its high protein count. 


Colostrum is one of the most highly researched supplements. Type in the word colostrum at and you will see more than 8,000 studies strongly supportive of both Colostrum and its numerous components.

Here are quotes from some of these articles:

Immunoglobulin from bovine Colostrum effectively reduces and prevents viral and bacterial infections in immune deficient subjects: bone marrow recipients, premature babies, AIDS, etc.

New England Journal of Medicine

Colostrum has a virus antibody that acts against viral invaders. A wide range of antiviral factors was acknowledged to be present in Colostrum. This research was done at the US Government’s Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Raloff, Science News Reducing viral levels in the body and stimulating natural immune capabilities holds the most promise in helping our immune systems contain the HIV virus.

Drs. Tokuyama and Tokuyama; Cancer Research Inst. Kanazawa Univ. Japan

Colostrum contains Retinoic Acid which helps fight Herpes Virus. Also contains Glycoprotein (kappa casein) that protects against the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

Drs. Janusz&Lisowski; Archives of Immunology

Bovine Colostrum contains TgF-B, which has an important suppressive effect on cytotoxic substances (anti-inflammatory). Inhibits cell growth of human Osteosarcoma (cancer) cells (75% inhibition). Mediator of fibrosis and angiogenesis (healing of heart muscle and blood vessels), (Roberts et al., 1986), accelerates wound healing (Sporn 1983) and bone formation (Centrella et al., 1987).

Drs. Staroscik, et. al.; Molecular Immunology

PRP was found not to be species specific (transferable for human use). Turns white blood cells into functionally active T cells.Results were shown in treatment of auto-immune disorders and cancer. An important immune modulator stimulates an under active immune system and tones down an overactive one.

Drs. Bocci, Bremen, Corradeschi, Luzzi and Paulesu; Journal Biology

Researchers reported that Colostrum stimulates maturation of B Lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for production of antibodies, enhances growth and differentiation of white blood cells. Similar activity in cow and human Colostrum can also activate Macrophages.

Dr. E.L. Palmer, et. al.; Journal of Medical Virology

Bovine Colostrum contains high levels of growth factors that promote normal cell growth and DNA synthesis.

Drs. Oda, Shinnichi, et. al.; Comparative Biochemical Physiology

Cartilage Inducing Factor-A, found in Colostrum, stimulates cartilage repair.

Drs. Seyedin, Thompson, Bentz, et. al.; Journal of Biological Chemistry

IGF-1, found in Colostrum, stimulates bone and muscle growth and nerve regeneration. Also found: topical administration to wounds resulted in more effective healing.

Drs. Skottner, Arrhenius-Nyberg, Kanje and Fryklund, Acta.Paediatric Scandinavia

Colostrum contains Non Specific Inhibitors that inhibit a wide range of respiratory illness, notably Influenza viruses. Colostrum is specifically cited for its unique effectiveness against potentially deadly outbreaks of Asian Flu viruses that emerge from animal/human mutations.

Drs. Shortridge,; Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

Glycoproteins, in bovine Colostrum, inhibit the attachment of the Helicobactor Pylori bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Colostrum contains significant amounts of Interlukin-10 (a strong inflammation inhibitory agent), found significant in reducing inflammation in arthritic joints and injury areas.

Dr. OlleHemell, at the University of Ulmea, Sweden; Science

Colostrum and breast milk (from cows and humans) stimulates the newborn’s immune system; as yet, unidentified proteins speed the maturation of cultured B Lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for production of antibodies.

Dr. M. Julius, McGill University, Montreal; Science News

PRP, in bovine Colostrum, has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as hormones of the Thymus gland. It activates an under active immune system, helping it move into action against disease-causing organisms. PRP also suppresses an overactive immune system, such as is often seen in the autoimmune diseases. PRP is highly anti-inflammatory and also appears to act on T-cell precursors to produce helper T-cells and suppresser T-cells.

Dr. Michael Julius of McGill University, Montreal; Science News

Immunoglobulins (found in Colostrum) are able to neutralize the most harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.

Dr. PerBrandtzaeg; Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Human clinical study: Immune factors in cow Colostrum, when taken orally, are effective against disease-causing organisms in the intestinal tract. Ingestion of bovine Colostrum’s immunoglobulins may be a new method of providing passive immunoprotection against a host of gut-associated disease causing antigens (viral and bacterial).

Dr. R. McClead, et. al.; Pediatrics Research

Clinical studies show that IgE (Immunoglobulin), found in bovine Colostrum, may be responsible for regulating allergic response.

Drs. Tortora, Funke& Cast; Microbiology

Studies with human volunteers found that the preservation of the biological activity of IgG (Immunoglobulin), in the digestive secretions of adults receiving bovine colostrum orally, indicates passive enteral (intestinal) immunization for the prevention and treatment of acute intestinal diseases.

Dr. L.B. Khazenson; Microbial &EpidemialImmunobiology

Immunoglobulin in colostrum has been used to successfully treat: Thrombocytopenia, Anemia, Neutropenia, Myasthenia Gravis, GuillainBarre Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, BulluosPamphigoid, Kawasaki’s Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s disease, among others.

Dr. Dwyer; New England Journal of Medicine

Colostrum stimulates the lymphoid tissue providing benefits in aged or immunodeficient people. Nature has used the oral route for the development of the immune system since the origin of mammals (safe and effective). Oral administration of immunofactors is simple, inexpensive, free of side effects and may be vastly beneficial in veterinary and HUMAN medicine, to correct immunodeficiency.