Training BioBox

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

For Colleges, Universities, Research Institutions, Biotech Training Centers, Biotech Industry, Lab Technology Training Centers and Diagnostic Centers

Products for training Basic & Advanced BioLab skills

Scientific Approach of Training Skills
Practice Makes you Perfect

  • Biotechnology cannot be learned by Demonstration method.
  • These Skill sets require Practice & Practice makes you Perfect
  • Training Biotechnological Skills cannot be limited to Class room teaching
  • Training bioBoxTM is
  • for understanding the skills required
  • for hands-on by everyone in the group
  • for Practicing the fundamental skills
  • for Experimenting the protocol to learn
  • for understanding the rationale of components & composition
  • for any / every student learning biology
  • for exploring different approaches of the same protocol
  • for building skilled team in an organisation
  • with 30 kits for practicing various basic and advanced skills for biology lab work

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EduBioSkills Catalog